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At Marco Polo Centro de Idiomas we offer English, Spanish for foreigners, German, French and Italian classes and courses. Created in 2001, our center relies on a small group of native teachers with a strong motivation towards language teaching and intercultural education.

The idea was born through the vision to support the language knowledge in the town of Banos and to get the foreign tourists close to Spanish language and the cultural context, thanks to different programs and initiatives.

We propose to help our students through organized classes which develop the four language skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) and macro language contexts, which allow them to put into practice “Hacer con el idioma”, that’s to say interacting with native speakers in different situations of everyday life to resolve restlessness day by day.


All our courses follow the European Common Framework of Reference for languages and they are divided in six levels:

Level A1 =  Beginners

Level A2 = Elementary

Level B1  = Intermediate

Level B2  = Upper intermediate

Level C1  = Proficiency

Level C2  = Mastery of proficiency

Considering a maximum number of 10 students in each course, at Marco Polo Centro de Idiomas you need about 80 hours to reach one of the six levels.

Our courses are interactive labs, open all year, where teachers work with a precise number of book unities for each level and where the student can feel free to develop each topic in a very flexible way

The little town, located between two national parks (Llanganates  and Sangay) and near the Tungurahua volcano, is famous because of the incredible biodiversity in flora and fauna of its subtropical mountains. In fact, many ecological projects are dedicated to this area in order to protect. 


If Baños is your choice, you will enjoy the cloudy forest, with its rivers, waterfalls and an incredible fauna (especially birds and amphibians).




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